It’s nice to be back too, Jack. It’s been a long time.

April 22, 2010

We’re back.

My co-workers have become too busy to blog while they’re at the theater because they are, you know, working. It’s difficult to blog when you’re serving beer to hundreds of people.

Anyway, I have some news! I am now the theater’s assistant! This means I’m in the office with Vivian during the day and then I pick up occasional bar shifts at night. So, don’t worry, friends. I’ll still be handing out your popcorn. This also means that I’m going to take twenty minutes a day to update our blog. So, bookmark us. Expect a blog from me every day ’round lunchtime.

Here is a picture Viv took of me working:

I know. My mustache grew in crooked.

These are some of the events I’m excited about that are happening here in the coming weeks:

May 11th – Enter the Tuesday: Man Bites Dog – Have any of you seen this movie? It’s so good! If you like serial killers and free PBR this is a can’t-miss night. I first saw this movie in college with my ex-best friend. He could not watch it. He said it was “too violent.” It was then I realized that our friendship was not going well.

Also, for the documentary set we have Westbound and The Philosopher Kings (and Girls on the Wall & Handmade Nation & Beautiful Losers). I know. It’s difficult to choose just one. I’ve loved them all. But I’m a documentary person. I grew up watching Nanook of the North and Rivers of Sand. I even wrote my senior thesis on Dziga Vertov and Jean Rouch. Of course, that was years ago at Bennington and if you asked me what I wrote about them I wouldn’t be able to tell you (I don’t remember a lot from that last term of college, but, I’m told I had a really good time.).  Oh, by the way, did any of you see 45365 at the theater last month? Ebert gave it four stars, and so do I. It reminded me a lot of Altman’s Nashville, which, if you know me, you know is my favorite movie (next to Another Woman & The Last Days of Disco). If you didn’t see it here, definitely see it when you can.

I’ll tell you more about what’s coming up at the Downtown Independent tomorrow.

Until then,



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