“In college, I read Derrida. I read Lacan. I read Reading Lacan. I read Reading Reading Lacan.”

May 21, 2010

My first year at Bennington, I thought I was going to be a philosophy major.

My first philosophy class was Existentialism. I know that. The other philosophy classes I took I can’t remember, or, perhaps, I didn’t take any more. And who can say why! It’s impressive in certain circles when I say I read Being and Nothingness, despite the fact I can’t remember a single thing about it (of course, I leave that part out.) I remember a lot of Thus Spoke Zarathustra and I read the character of Garcin in Sartre’s No Exit out loud in class. I know how to pronounce Sartre correctly, so at least I left with something.

Somewhere along the way I must have tired of philosophy. I think it was around the time all of my classmates were taking “The Philosophy of Love and Friendship” and became all chummy that I strayed. Looking back, I realize my exclusion of this class during my academic career was a mistake. This mistake has completely colored my  social and dating life. Love and friendship confuse me. It reminds me of a line from Elaine Dundy: “Someone will say or do something that strikes me as odd and my whole world falls apart.” I was turned onto Dundy by my lovely friend Risa. Her blog is named after a line from a Lorrie Moore novel.
Anyway, I’m getting away from myself.

Tonight is the premiere of THE PHILOSOPHER KINGS.

This movie is great. But, you don’t have to take my word for it. Read some of these reviews:

“Instead he’s crafted a hypnotic, moving paean to the complex lives of his subjects, a half-dozen custodians at institutions of higher learning all across the country.” – LA WEEKLY

“Powerful and inspirational.” – LAist

Check out more on their website.
Tonight and tomorrow after both 7:30 and 10:00pm screenings there will be a Q&A with the director and members of the cast. There will also be a rooftop reception/after party. So, come say hello to Valentine, Gus, Danny and Jarred. They’ll be working tonight, or say hi to me and Emily and the rest of us who will be working tomorrow.

We want you to see this film. We want you to love this film.

Also, the first five people who mention “Twitter” to us tomorrow night will get two free tickets to the 7:30 screening and access to our rooftop for the after party.

We hope to see you all!



2 Responses to ““In college, I read Derrida. I read Lacan. I read Reading Lacan. I read Reading Reading Lacan.””

  1. Katie Kohn Says:

    There are two main rules to majoring in philosophy my poor, lapsed friend. 1) Don’t go looking for philosophy in “Philosophy” classes, classmates or coffee shop reading groups. (Or, the internet. whatever. wherever the college kids gather these days). 2) Find it where it isn’t yet (or where it refuses to be). I majored in philosophy via cinema studies and still going strong. Zizek is only a little bit to blame for getting the ball rolling, Lacan kept it interesting by keeping sex, desire and enjoyment in the picture, thank god for Joan Copjec and the Kant/Lacanian revival and Alain Badiou made the whole endeavor admirable again by daring to think today’s unthinkable (and to do it with such poise and clarity). Don’t give up, philosophy prince. I can refer you to some reads if you need to keep the fire alive. I think people give up on philosophy at the same moment that they decide it is not for them to be a philosopher. The world doesn’t need more Nietzsche studies or half-curious existentialists who read Sartre for the same reason that they listen to The Magnetic Fields. World needs some fresh meat, new food for thought, brand spanking new names to add to that canon of kings. Thanks for the movie rec. I’ll check it out.

  2. wendy Says:

    It’s Friday May 27th! Where’s the post of the week!? How long must I wait, Downtown Indie Boy?

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