Happy New Year to you and yours from the Dream Team at the Downtown Independent,

We hope you had a safe one.  The Herzog double feature is going strong and ringing us is in proper.  I have yet to see “My Son, My Son”, but I did see “Bad Lieutenant” and it is every bit as wacky, wild and weird as only Cage/Herzog could deliver.  Come by and watch both for only $10 until the 7th. 

P.S.  Sorry to those folks in the front row for throwing out your bottled waters…I’m not used to the double feature format.  🙂  But I got you new ones anyways so you got that going for you.

Everything coming up in January looks fun – super stoked for the next Brainfeeders….

Do yourself a favor and make ‘010 better than ’09 with us at the Downtown Indie where we support the unsupported.

– JarredpDonk


Walk Your Art Out

December 9, 2009

Hmmm lets see…

Artwalk is happenning this Thursday – we got fashion, art, beers, babes, music (Briefcase Scenario)  and all that stuff happenning.  Bring your umbrellas! 

What else …more Brutal Cinema, Brainfeeders Sessions, Holy F*ck and Mindshare all this month and of course the premier of Lynch/Herzog’s My Son, My Son… which is gonna be uber sexy!


The new Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is amazing and Gus and I want to play it in the theater / have a LAN party…is anybody with us?

Tom Waits wrote the best song about working that I sing to myself when I’m doing dishes, sweeping, etc…

“Well I can’t wait to get off work an see my baby, said she’d leave the porchlight on for me….Tom do this…Tom do that….Tooom don’t do that…I can’t wait to get off work and see my baby, she’ll be waiting up with a magazine for me…clean the bathrooms and clean em good, for your lovin, I wish you would some down here and sweep a me off my feet – this broom will have to be my baby, if I hurry I just might get off before the dawn’s early light.”


Jarred Downtown Indie Dream Team