So when was a theater more than just a theater? Downtown Indie is not like the ‘others’ out there; it shows the newest indie movies and documentaries, has a rooftop bar, artwalk, film festivals, bands, events, DJ’s, and did I mention we have a bar?!? On the occasion that I’m bartending, I make a MEAN but BEAUTIFUL Soju or Sake SURPRISE. You might ask “what the hell is that?” It’s a pleasant mixture of soju or sake with a splash of champagne and a hint of fruity goodness. I make them with love, but the love is free. I’ll be bartending on Jan. 28, that night we are screening the 2010 Sundance film TEENAGE PAPARAZZO. Yes, the DTI (downtown independent) will be screening the same film as sundance…WHAT? yes, you don’t have to pay for a plane ticket or obscene prices for a hotel in Utah = ugh. Its only at the Downtown Indie, in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. Sundance in LA, come get yo’ film geek ON!


Being a projectionist at the DTI is wonderful. I get to watch thee latest indie films, then get paid for it. (I bartend sometimes too) All the people I work with are amazing, wonderful, and talented. The way we work together and get drunk together…well, lets just say our xmas party was a memorable bonding experience (for those who remember). Much love to the DTI.

Watch out for Feburary, we got an awesome line up of films and Partays!

Bronson – crazy artistic english film Jan 29-Feb 4

Superbowl Party Feb 7

Second-hand Sureshots -Feb 13

Valentines Day! Wild At Heart! I adore this lynch film. It’s sexy 1990…my o my.

Bulletproof Salesman – Feb 19-Mar 4

SoCal Business Film Fest – Feb 20

Zombie Girl – I was a Living Dead girl once. Zombie lovin is Feb 26-Mar4

Holy Fuck – Comedy show Feb 23

Enter the Tuesday! Ichi the Killer: Feb 9  Good Ol’ KUNG FU Greatness!

and much more to follow these. So, stop by, say hi and get yo indie on.

Cheers 😉