Waiting for Armageddon

February 10, 2010

Tonight is the preem of Waiting for Armageddon.

Doesn’t it look good?

Read the LA Times review:

‘Waiting for Armageddon’
Evangelical Christians are focus of ‘Waiting for Armageddon.’

An evangelical Christian looks out onto the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem in
the documentary “Waiting for Armageddon.” (First Run Features / February 9,

By Gary Goldstein
February 10, 2010

By turns frightening, fascinating and eye-opening, the documentary “Waiting
for Armageddon” offers much to rouse followers of various religious and
political stripes. Though the film’s structure may hang on the biblically
foretold, world-destroying-then-renewing phases of Rapture, Tribulation,
Armageddon and Millennium, the piece also serves as an absorbing snapshot of
America’s highly influential, reportedly 50-million-strong evangelical
Christian movement.

Surprisingly (or not surprisingly, based upon one’s theological
proficiency), much of the movie takes place, both physically and
spiritually, in Israel, where it is believed Jesus will return for a
1,000-year reign. That this heavenly period would supposedly include the
conversion of 144,000 Jews to Christianity may not set well with, for
starters, Jewish viewers is not the point here. Neither are some of the
film’s subjects’ decidedly negative views of Islam.

What seemingly — and effectively — most concerns co-directors Kate Davis,
Franco Sacchi and David Heilbroner is the power of evangelical commitment to
certain long-held, some might deem extreme, principles, along with how these
face-value beliefs factor into ostensibly average folks’ daily lives and, at
times, affect the American sociopolitical system. It’s an ambitious yet
compactly presented approach.

Though the filmmakers are not out to condone or rebut evangelical Christian
doctrine, such pundits as theologian Barbara Rossing, the Rev. Dr. Mel White
and Jerusalem’s Rabbi Felix Rogin offer stirring counterpoint to the

Anyway, I’ll be seeing it tonight. I hope some of you will join me!



If you haven’t been to the theater yet to check out Bronson then you’ve got two more days left to do it. Bronson has had a very successful run here at the Independent. I saw it and liked it very much. Visually it’s stunning, emotionally it’s crippling, and musically it’s a lot of fun. I suggest you see it.

Oh, and apologies to the group of people who thought the movie was about this Charles Bronson:

And instead saw a movie about this other Bronson:

As portrayed by this actor, who was incredible by the way:

Logan Crow of Mondo Celluloid wrote that it was “A volcanic blitzkrieg of sight and sound”, which is a great way to describe it. Read the entire review of it here.

Next up we have Ichi the Killer on Tuesday at 10pm which has an entrance fee of $10 but has all-you-can-drink Pabst Blue Ribbon. Thursday is our monthly Art Walk party. Valentine’s Day we have a romantic screening of David Lynch’s Wild at Heart.

We hope to see you at the theater soon!

– Nedjelko, part of your friendly, local Downtown Indie team.


So when was a theater more than just a theater? Downtown Indie is not like the ‘others’ out there; it shows the newest indie movies and documentaries, has a rooftop bar, artwalk, film festivals, bands, events, DJ’s, and did I mention we have a bar?!? On the occasion that I’m bartending, I make a MEAN but BEAUTIFUL Soju or Sake SURPRISE. You might ask “what the hell is that?” It’s a pleasant mixture of soju or sake with a splash of champagne and a hint of fruity goodness. I make them with love, but the love is free. I’ll be bartending on Jan. 28, that night we are screening the 2010 Sundance film TEENAGE PAPARAZZO. Yes, the DTI (downtown independent) will be screening the same film as sundance…WHAT? yes, you don’t have to pay for a plane ticket or obscene prices for a hotel in Utah = ugh. Its only at the Downtown Indie, in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. Sundance in LA, come get yo’ film geek ON!


Being a projectionist at the DTI is wonderful. I get to watch thee latest indie films, then get paid for it. (I bartend sometimes too) All the people I work with are amazing, wonderful, and talented. The way we work together and get drunk together…well, lets just say our xmas party was a memorable bonding experience (for those who remember). Much love to the DTI.

Watch out for Feburary, we got an awesome line up of films and Partays!

Bronson – crazy artistic english film Jan 29-Feb 4

Superbowl Party Feb 7

Second-hand Sureshots -Feb 13

Valentines Day! Wild At Heart! I adore this lynch film. It’s sexy 1990…my o my.

Bulletproof Salesman – Feb 19-Mar 4

SoCal Business Film Fest – Feb 20

Zombie Girl – I was a Living Dead girl once. Zombie lovin is Feb 26-Mar4

Holy Fuck – Comedy show Feb 23

Enter the Tuesday! Ichi the Killer: Feb 9  Good Ol’ KUNG FU Greatness!

and much more to follow these. So, stop by, say hi and get yo indie on.

Cheers 😉


January 17, 2010

Hey. How’s it going?

That’s great.

So, I’m sitting here, waiting for the next screening to start and I’m thinking… I’m thinking to myself.

Not really about anything in particularly, maybe how to make a million dollars, maybe about having more popcorn.

But that’s not important.

What IS important, is that you should come to our theater more often.

Cool people work here, cool events happen.

We are all nice, I swear.

We have this Enter The Tuesday thing going on once a month, you should probably try to come to it. We are showing ICHI THE KILLER on February 9th. It’s 10 bucks and Free PBR. What exactly is your excuse for not coming? You better not say a girl/boy, because you should bring them here, it’d be a splendid date. I swear.

Also, next time we have a Brainfeeder event, you should come to that. They are always pop-lockin’ droppin’. Keep posted at downtownindependent.com for more on that.

We also have a twitter: CLICK HERE FOR INDIE TWEETS.

I also heard last night that some electric car company sampled the noise the vehicles make in “Blade Runner” (citation needed). Kind of cool how the future is going to be what past movies have said the future is going to be. Art dictating life?

Anyway, I hope you’re enjoying your Sunday as much as I am.

Come down and see us soon.

Follow me on twitter, too… for no other reason than to make me feel special. MY TWEETS!



Happy New Year to you and yours from the Dream Team at the Downtown Independent,

We hope you had a safe one.  The Herzog double feature is going strong and ringing us is in proper.  I have yet to see “My Son, My Son”, but I did see “Bad Lieutenant” and it is every bit as wacky, wild and weird as only Cage/Herzog could deliver.  Come by and watch both for only $10 until the 7th. 

P.S.  Sorry to those folks in the front row for throwing out your bottled waters…I’m not used to the double feature format.  🙂  But I got you new ones anyways so you got that going for you.

Everything coming up in January looks fun – super stoked for the next Brainfeeders….

Do yourself a favor and make ‘010 better than ’09 with us at the Downtown Indie where we support the unsupported.

– JarredpDonk

We have had so many exciting events and films at the Independent this holiday season (hence the lag in blog posts recently – sorry! we’ve been way busy, but we’ll make it up to you! – New Years Resolution #1: More blog posts) – and we have even more coming up in the new year. So, I thought I’d take a moment and share them with you…

Currently we have The Horse Boy, which is showing daily until, well, tomorrow. So, see it while it’s still here!

Kicking off 2010 with a bang we will be presenting a Herzog double-feature containing his 2009 releases My Son My Son, What Have Ye Done and Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans. I had the pleasure of seeing My Son My Son with some friends and some other employees of the Independent. I loved it. It’s very odd, very beautiful, very bleak, and actually very funny. See it if you missed it before (On a sidenote, thank you very much to Herzog, his cast and crew, and all of you who attended our premiere My Son event and  after party).

We, of course, also have our Holy F*ck! comedy event on the 12th, as well as our Enter the Tuesday! event directly following at 10pm.

We have a very special week-long run of The Messenger, starring Woody Harrelson, Ben Foster and Samantha Morton, from January 15th through January 21st. See it before it gets nominated for some Oscars.

Also, join us for our first Art Walk bash of the decade. For more info on that, click here.

There’s much more coming up, so check out our website or subscribe to our email list.

Hope to see you all soon!

-Nedjelko, Downtown Indie Dream Team

PS. I just finished Lorrie Moore’s and Philip Roth’s latest novels  A Gate at the Stairs and The Humbling. I need another book to read now. Any suggestions?

-Nedjelko y Brad, 2/6 of the Downtown Indie Dream Team