Okay – I’m back from an extended absence. By “extended absence” I don’t mean that I was out of town or not at work since my last blog post. I just mean – I wasn’t blogging.

I promised last time I would write something A Little More Personal (Raw) and so here it goes:

At Groundwork, which is just down the street from us, every day at 11AM, I get the New Guinea blend, simply because once I saw a documentary about Papua New Guinea.

New Guinea blend? Or Bitches Brew? New Guinea, please.

This is what I did over the weekend: I went to the house-warming party of one of my dearest friends Jess. I met her while we were both interning at WIP (RIP). Interesting side note – at the time we were there the company was upset that Michael Haneke had remade his own film FUNNY GAMES into a shot-for-shot remake. Funny Games, as I’ve heard been said now, is the film that sunk the independent studio, which cannot be completely true, and, regardless, in the short time WIP was in business they developed an impressive roster of films including some of my recent favorites: We Don’t Live Here Anymore, A Very Long Engagement, Before Sunset, Goodnight and Good Luck, Infamous (Which I actually think is much better, in every way, than Capote), A Scanner Darkly and several others.

I loved their advertising campaign, to say the least.

Anyway, back to my weekend – there was that house-warming party. Then, the next day, I took, by force, two of my friends (one being Jess and the other being Jay) to see Letters to Juliet. Firstly, because I will see Vanessa Redgrave in everything and anything and, secondly, because I wanted to check out the new Pasadena Arclight. Or Arclight Pasadena, or whatever it is. Good news: Unlike Arclight Hollywood, Pasadena has weekend matinee prices before 6PM. Still, I felt a little foolish paying $12.50 to see Letters to Juliet, but that was no fault of Arclight’s, it was my own.

Why? Why did I see this?

That night my housemates and I had a “Wet Hot American Summer” barbecue where we celebrated my oldest friend Wendy’s birthday. Wendy turned twenty-four, but I mean I’ve known her my whole life. Or, at least, since high school. Happy Birthday! Here’s to another ten years of getting to us!

We projected the movie onto our back wall and we ate, drank and tried to be merry. That is, we became merry after we drank for a few hours.

Anyway, enough about me.

More on what’s coming up here at the DTI tomorrow. Or Thursday.



** I feel the need to put a disclaimer on this post. Something like: the views expressed here reflect, in no way, the views of the Downtown Independent, but, only one of its several employees, who no longer owns a car, lives in Highland Park, who spends all of his money on books and booze, who hasn’t seen any Godard film post-1968, who has once (once!) been called pretentious, and so what does he know anyways?


December 4, 2009

This guy rules almost as hard as ZERO9 rules.

Day 1 of ZERO film fest at the Downtown Independent: We had a great crowd tonight. Later, we saw the awesome guy posted above at the theater. Truly independent films like those featured in the ZERO film fest rule. Free PBR rules. This blog is going to rule. That’s all I got.



December 3, 2009

Our happy home

Hello, and welcome to the Downtown Independent Employee Blog.

We screen a lot of different things and hold many different events.

Problem is, you need to find us…

This blog will attempt to reach out to you, “the public.” Our staff will periodically update this blog with goings-on at the theater and hopefully give you reasons to check us out. ON THE REAL.

Anyway, stay tuned for updates and other good things. Trust me.

Love, Bradley one of the Downtown Indie Usher Dream Team